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Spiritual Direction

"By creating sacred space, you reserve a part of yourself and prevent your life from completely being filled up, occupied, or preoccupied. When this happens, your life begins to be transformed in ways you hadn’t planned or counted on, for God works in wonderful and surprising ways."

— Henri Nouwen

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is centered around the gift of sacred listening and conversation. As directors, we listen to our directees and to the Holy Spirit. We invite our directees to reflect on their life and longings in the presence of God. We ask gentle questions to help them gain clarity and insight into their desires and how God is working and leading in their lives. 

Spiritual direction offers a safe space to talk to your director and to God about anything that is on your mind and heart. You’ll be met with compassion, openness, and gentle questions to help you reflect more deeply on how God might be meeting you in your emotions and experiences. Nothing is too big or too small to bring to the conversation. 

In our busy, disconnected world, spiritual direction is an invitation to take a holy pause, to make room for God, to nurture your spirit, and to move towards those things which bring you life. 

Book a Discovery Session

Get In Touch

If you are wondering whether spiritual direction might be for you, please get in touch - We would love to meet you.

A Spiritual Direction Discovery Session is a 30 minute call with one of our directors during which you can ask questions and see if direction might be a good fit for you. 

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What happens in a direction session?

A direction session is a graced and sacred space, created in partnership between God, the director, and you, the directee, for you to quietly, intentionally experience God's presence. Although each session is different, you can expect a good portion of the session to take the form of a conversation between yourself and your director. As they listen to what you have to say, the director may ask you gentle questions that will help you reflect more deeply on your experiences, with particular attention to how God has been present in your life. Your director is also listening to God, trying to discern God's desires for you in the moment. Most sessions will also include prayer and opportunities for silence in which both directee and director may listen for the voice and presence of God. Many people who experience direction find they are able to have conversations with their director that they may not have with anyone else in their life and interactions with God that they might not otherwise have had.

What is Group Spiritual Direction? 

The process of Group Spiritual Direction is  similar to Individual Spiritual Direction.  Groups of 3-5 members meet monthly and individuals take turns being the directee, while the remainder of the group prayerfully listens and responds.  We start new groups at different points in the year.  Please reach out for a free discovery session if you are interested in joining a group. 

How long is a session?

Most sessions are approximately 50 minutes or an hour long.

How often does direction take place?

This is up to you and your director, to be discerned in partnership with God. Some directees will seek out direction only at key times in their life, for example when they are facing a significant decision or processing an important shift in their relationship with God, while others prefer the stability of a long-term relationship with their director. Some directee-director relationships can last for a lifetime, while others are just for a season, but generally speaking, you are encouraged to commit to at least a year of monthly sessions - this is a good baseline time to allow a dynamic of familiarity, friendship, and trust to develop and to get into the habit of being present to God and to yourself in this particular way.

How do I prepare for a session?

If you feel led to do so, spend some time in prayer and reflection ahead of time. Ask God what his intentions are for your session and bring awareness to our own emotions, desires, and thoughts. But don't worry if you don't have time! Each session, whether you feel ready for it or not and whatever you are able to bring, is an opportunity to experience God's grace, provision, and love.

Is it possible to meet with a director to see what direction is like?

Yes! To schedule a complimentary trial session with any of our directors, please use the button below. Please schedule with the director you would like to meet with.

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