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Spiritual Director, Supervisor, MSW

Janine finds tremendous joy in creating contemplative, safe spaces for others to connect with God in a way that doesn’t often happen in ordinary life.  Spiritual direction has made a profound impact in her own work and ministry, and she feels honored to sit in this sacred space with others to witness the ways God is at work. 


Janine is a trained educator and social worker whose passions have converged with the practice of spiritual direction. Her work experience includes teaching middle school in South Side Chicago, working with YWAM in Taiwan, Nepal and Ukraine, and facilitating economic empowerment with survivors of homelessness, addiction, and sex trafficking in New York City. 


When Janine first started seeing a spiritual director, it felt like a lifeline in the midst of work where burnout is common.  The slow contemplative space created by spiritual direction has been transformative in her life and work. As she trained to become a spiritual director, she found her passion to walk with others as they seek to live and work out of a sustaining connection with God.  Janine’s heart as a spiritual director is to create spaces for people to honestly share their journey with God, both the good and difficult, and look for the graces that show how God is at work. 


Janine studied Nonprofit Management at Columbia School of Social Work and completed her certificate in spiritual direction and certification in supervising spiritual directors through Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction. In addition, Janine served in leadership at The166, a Vineyard church plant in Midtown Manhattan where she led contemplative retreats in the city. Janine is currently working as a spiritual director, co-founder of The Stillness Collective, and creating a retreat center in Lancaster, PA called Magnolia Cottage where she envisions a space for rest and contemplation. 


In her free time, she enjoys caring for a vegetable plot in a community garden in Harlem, experimenting with recipes using the harvested produce, walking in Central Park, and off-the-beaten path travel.

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Spiritual Director, Writer, Ph.D.

Carrie is a longtime ministry leader, writer, and educator who came to spiritual direction through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. In spite of being a lifelong Christian, she found that the contemplative prayer practices in the Exercises completely transformed her prayer life and her experience of God. As a Spiritual Director, she finds joy and purpose in helping others experience God's presence, leading, and love in their everyday lives. Carrie is also trained in accompanying directees through the Ignatian Exercises.

Currently, Carrie is a pastoral team member, spiritual director, and worship leader at Vineyard One NYC, a friendly and diverse church whose mission is to "creatively carry out the work of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit." She and Ryan, Vineyard One's pastor, have been married for over 20 years. They have three children and two very fluffy bunnies. Carrie is also a co-founder of the Stillness Collective.

With a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from New York University, Carrie has worked on the faculties of NYU, Barnard College, Hunter College, and City Seminary of New York and has certificates in Urban Ministry and Arts Ministry. She has published nonfiction books for children, poems, and articles, and is currently writing a discipleship book entitled Read, Pray, Obey.  You can read more of her writing on her website, Ravished by Light. To connect with Carrie about undertaking the Spiritual Exercises, please

contact her here.

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Spiritual Director, Composer

David is a composer, spiritual director, and co-founder of Keys To Success Music.  

In 2014 he was first introduced to contemplative christian practices through the School of Sustainable Faith while receiving his certificate in Spiritual Direction.  Since that time, David has met with many individuals who were looking to find spaces of rest and restoration while listening and discerning God's voice in their lives. Coming alongside others as they discover a God who loves them, partners with them,  and speaks  to them is one of David's great joys. 

David also enjoys composing an ambient style of music inspired by the contemplative spiritual practices he learned in the spiritual direction program. Since that time, he has released two EPs that have underscored contemplative and meditative narrations by Christian leaders and yoga instructors alike. His music can be found on all streaming services at

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