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Guided Meditations

In a busy, stressful world, it can be difficult to find rest, stillness, and connection with our deep sources of life and meaning. 

Does prayer seem out of reach or like one more thing on your to-do list?

Maybe you’re curious about meditation but unsure how to go about it - or uncertain if it’s really for you.

Or, perhaps are you weary and burned out by church. Maybe your previous ways of seeking God no longer work, and you’re looking for spiritual nourishment and restoration.

Our guided meditations create space for you to nourish your soul and find intimacy with your Creator. We choose Scriptures that will help you connect with God, ask questions to help you reflect, and set the entire prayer experience to ambient music that facilitates an atmosphere of quiet and peace. Our goal is to lower any barriers you might feel to entering into prayer and meditation and to gently guide and support you in your practice.



This meditation that we created is on Romans 8:31-39. We invite you to this slow, contemplative space of prayer and reflection, to listen to how God might want to speak and find rest in his love.  

Inseparable From God's Love
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Do you long for stillness in your life, but struggle to prioritize time for it in the midst of your daily life? 


 Join us in The Stillness Collective Community where we create space for communion and resources for growing in daily practices of stillness, presence, and grace. Our live and recorded guided meditations, spiritual direction conversations, and retreats will refresh you when you are weary and help you connect anew with God, with yourself, and with fellow stillness-seekers.


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