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About Us

Why Stillness Matters

The Stillness Collective is the creation of three Spiritual Directors from New York City. We know the exhaustion and burnout from trying to exist and “make it” in the city. We have found this disconnection to be true in the midst of ministry and social justice work, as well as in the world of business and academics. 


Finding space for stillness, rest and renewal has been life changing for us. It has formed us in knowing God’s love in deeper ways as well as in discerning how God is working in our lives. 


Our Offerings

Guided Meditations

Do you need stillness in your life? We have a free guided reflection  accompanied with ambient music that can help you create quiet and rest right where you are. 

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Spiritual Direction

We also offer spiritual direction, in which we support persons as they deepen their conversations with God, cultivate soul-nurturing practices such as prayer and solitude, and attend to the leading of the Holy Spirit in their life.

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We pair guided contemplative reflections and prayers adapted from classic prayer practices such as Lectio Divina and Imaginative Prayer with live ambient music to invite you into peaceful meditation and openness to the Spirit.

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