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Monthly Themed Meditations

Join Christians, past and present, in ancient prayer practices

Each month we will release 4 guided meditations using prayer traditions that have been formed over centuries. In adapting them for our current time, we are embarking on a well-traveled trail alongside saints and Christians, both present and from years past.

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Image by Clément Falize

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Each month we offer 4 themed meditations based on forms of prayer that invite us to bring our whole selves before God: body and soul, thought and imagination. (more information here). Subscribe to our community to receive these meditations throughout the month.  


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Our theme for February is
Praying with the Psalms

The Psalms are full of every human emotion, among them joy, sorrow, anger, and grief. These prayers give permission for each of us to come to God exactly as we are, without filtering or pretense. If you are struggling with prayer in this season, it might be helpful to turn to the Psalms and let them shape your prayer time. Our five reflections for February (one free and four for Patreon subscribers only) each guide you through a prayer time with a different Psalm. 

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