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Creating spaces for your soul to find rest, renewal, and stillness
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Welcome to The Stillness Collective
We live in the midst of a busy, crisis-driven world where it is easy to become disconnected from God, each other, and ourselves. 

Is your life full of people, meetings, and solving problems, yet you don’t feel truly known or seen?

Are you unsure if the life you are living is the one you want to live?
Have you been busy for so long that you don’t know how to stop?
A Need For Stillness

When a body of water is traveling quickly, it is often murky, full of sediment. When the water slows, the sediment starts sinking to the bottom and the water becomes clear.  


In the same way, when our lives are moving rapidly, it can be murky and difficult to see clearly. At The Stillness Collective, we create spaces for stillness. For the sediment in our lives to sink to the bottom and for us to see our lives and God more clearly. 

Image by Irina Krutova
Our desire is to help you create spaces and times where the sediment of your life can settle, allowing you to see more clearly.  We offer you space for stillness on four levels:
  • Guided meditations in your own home, recorded and live via Zoom

  • Spiritual Direction with experienced directors 

  • Day retreats in New York City when you have a couple hours to get away

  • Extended retreats outside the city

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Our Offerings

Our meditations, spiritual direction sessions, and retreats help you find the clarity and peace that come from being still - to see clearly where you are, where God is in your life, and how God is inviting you to move forward. 

Guided Meditations

Do you need stillness in your life? Create quiet and rest right where you are with our free guided reflection  accompanied by ambient music.

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Spiritual Direction

We also offer spiritual direction. Through supportive, nurturing conversations with your director, you'll deepen your experience with God, cultivate soul-nurturing practices such as prayer, silence, and solitude, and attend to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life.

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We pair guided contemplative reflections and prayers adapted from classic prayer practices such as Lectio Divina and Imaginative Prayer with live ambient music to invite you into peaceful meditation and openness to the Spirit.

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Start your conversation with one of our spiritual directors today. 

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