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The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola, offer anyone who undertakes them a transformative experience of prayer, immersion in Scripture, discernment, and intimacy with God. We offer both a 9 month and a 10 week version of the Exercises. The longer version is offered individually with a director, while the shorter version can be undertaken individually or as a small group.

Image by Selma Rizvić


19th Annotation (Longer Version)

Format: Individual 

Time Commitment: Approximately 32 weeks, starting in the fall and going through spring

Meetings: One 50 minute direction session per week


18th Annotation (Shorter Version)

Format: Individual or Group

Time Commitment: 10 weeks, offered several times during the year


For Individuals - One 30 minute direction session per week

For Groups - One 30 to 90 minute direction session per week (depending on group size)

Required Text: An Ignatian Experience, Vicky Wehmeyer (available here for a donation to Sustainable Faith)

**Our next group starts March 9th!

We have an Info Session on February 6th @ 7pm for those interested in joining the 18th Annotation Group starting on March 9th.  Register here

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